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2D Steel Welding Table
  • 2D Steel Welding Table2D Steel Welding Table

2D Steel Welding Table

The Botou Xintian SRD 2D Steel Welding Table, crafted with utmost precision in China by our esteemed company, boasts exceptional quality and durability, offering competitive prices while ensuring optimal performance and unparalleled reliability for welding projects of all sizes.

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The Botou Xintian SRD 2D Steel Welding Table, proudly crafted in China by our esteemed manufacturer, offers a robust and versatile welding solution. As a trusted supplier, we provide this welding table at competitive prices, ensuring that our customers receive excellent value for their money. The 2D Steel Welding Table is designed with precision and durability, making it suitable for a wide range of welding applications. Its sturdy steel construction ensures stability and longevity, while its adjustable features allow for precise welding positions. Our commitment to quality ensures that each welding table meets the highest standards, delivering reliable performance and long-term satisfaction.
The SRD two-dimensional steel welding platform can be customized according to product size and shape. Sheet metal and small steel structure parts mostly use D16 series platforms; large steel structures and heavy machinery industries mostly use D28 series platforms, and the size of the workpiece changes greatly. It is recommended to use the D22 series; the choice of accessories depends on the shape, size and complexity of the workpiece. Only the surface of SRD two-dimensional flexible welding platform has been precision processed, and it is divided into three series according to series: D16/D22/D28; D16 series has Φ16 holes, hole spacing 50mm±0.05, and surface distribution of 50x50mm grid lines; D22 series has Φ22 holes , the hole spacing is 75mm±0.05, and the surface is distributed with 75x75mm grid lines; the D28 series is Φ28 holes, the hole spacing is 100mm±0.05 array, and the surface is distributed with 100x100mm grid lines.
Botou Xintian is a welding station manufacturing supplier in China with decades of industry experience. SRD has also become a well-known and well-known independent brand in China. The SRD 2D steel welding station uses high-strength materials and has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It is suitable for many industries such as aerospace machinery and automobile production. SRD welding stations have been committed to the innovation and upgrading of materials and are developing in new and efficient directions. We are customer-centered and take every detail of production seriously to ensure the performance and quality of each piece of equipment,sold in more than 100 countries around the world.
The SRD two-dimensional steel welding platform is generally welded with Q355 material. The difference between the two-dimensional welding platform and the three-dimensional platform is that only the working surface of the two-dimensional welding platform has apertures processed. The same thing is that the hole spacing is also 100*100, and the working surface is also processed with grid lines of 100*100 spacing. The two-dimensional steel welding platform is suitable for a variety of welding work when matched with corresponding tooling fixtures. The working surface of the two-dimensional welding platform can be treated with anti-rust treatment. Commonly used processes include nitriding, blackening and other processes. Blackening is only suitable for small two-dimensional welding platforms. The nitriding process can prevent rust and increase surface hardness.

Botou Xintian has its own independent factory, with a complete range of products and accessories, sufficient inventory, and complete after-sales service. It enjoys a one-year warranty, a short production cycle, and fast arrival. In the era of Industry 4.0, Botou Xintian is committed to providing advanced welding equipment and customized personalized solutions for future industrial production, helping companies improve productivity, assisting in welding consumables, and welding changing the world.

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