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3D Cast Iron Welding Table
  • 3D Cast Iron Welding Table3D Cast Iron Welding Table
  • 3D Cast Iron Welding Table3D Cast Iron Welding Table

3D Cast Iron Welding Table

The Botou Xintian SRD 3D Cast Iron Welding Table, meticulously crafted in China by our esteemed manufacturer, exemplifies superior quality and durability at competitive prices, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for welding projects of various scales.

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Product Description

The Botou Xintian SRD 3D Cast Iron Welding Table, manufactured in China by our esteemed company, showcases our dedication to superior quality and innovation in welding equipment. As a leading supplier, we offer competitive pricing without compromising on the exceptional quality and performance of our products, ensuring reliability and precision in welding operations for our valued customers.
The selection of SRD 3D cast iron welding tables depends on the size and shape of the product. Sheet metal and small steel structure parts mostly use D16 series platforms; large steel structures and heavy machinery industries mostly use D28 series platforms. The selection of accessories needs to be based on the workpiece. It depends on the shape, size and complexity; when the platform cannot meet the size of the workpiece, U-shaped square boxes, L-shaped square boxes, supporting angle irons and other supporting parts can be used for expansion and extension.

SRD 3D cast iron welding table is a welding tooling equipment with high precision and simple and fast operation. The product is highly practical and can be used repeatedly, which can save investment costs. It occupies a mainstream position in welding tooling equipment. The first is the scope of application: the 3D cast iron welding table is a set of product equipment that can meet any type of product.Secondly, in terms of positioning accuracy, all positioning accuracy of the SRD 3D cast iron welding table can reach within 0.05-0.1mm, with no cumulative error. The third is the clamping effect of the SRD cast iron welding table. The yield rate of clamped and welded products can reach over 95%.The last step is the development cycle of the SRD 3D cast iron welding table, which can be disassembled and assembled in a few minutes without the need to develop new tooling.
SRD 3D cast iron welding workbench is a welding product based on quality and famous for its quality. As a senior Chinese supplier that has produced welding platforms for decades, Botou Xintian has strong technical support. This product is designed for the manufacture of welded products. It has a variety of series with clamps and is flexible and convenient to use. With its extensive sales channels, complete marketing network and considerate after-sales service, the company has established partnerships with multiple customers and has been exported to North America, South Africa, Russia, Mexico and other countries, and has been a long-lasting best-seller.
If you want to weld the most perfect welding products with the smallest error, then you should choose the SRD welding table. This is a product that every welder should have. The SRD cast iron welding platform is not only heat-resistant, anti-corrosion, and anti-welding spatter, but also gives you the best quality experience. As the source factory, Botou Xintian has affordable prices, sufficient stock, and can also customize it according to your needs. The company has the best technical service team to serve you throughout the entire process. Botou SRD is worthy of your trust.

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