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Electrostatic Precipitators

Botou Xintian SRD is a professional electrostatic precipitator manufacturer and supplier with rich experience in the production and installation of electrostatic precipitators. We produce electrostatic precipitators and related accessories through our own factory, all of which are made in China and are reasonably priced. If you are interested in our products, look forward to our long-term cooperation.

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The electrostatic precipitator mainly uses a high-voltage electric field to separate the flue gas to achieve the dust removal effect. The charged dust in the flue dust is separated from the flue gas under the action of the electric field. The negative electrode is mainly made of metal wires of different shapes and discharges. This is discharge electrode. The positive electrode is made of metal plates of various shapes and is called a dust collecting electrode. The specific resistance of dust has a crucial influence on the dust removal efficiency of electrostatic precipitator. The electrostatic precipitator is mainly composed of two parts. One is the dust collector body system, and the other is the high-voltage DC power supply device and low-voltage automatic control system. The electrostatic precipitator completes the dust removal of flue gas through the steps of ionization of gas, charging of dust, movement of charged dust to electrodes, and collection of charged dust. Our company has a complete electrostatic precipitator production line and is a well-known electrostatic precipitator manufacturer. The core technology of electrostatic precipitator is all made in China.

Through many years of production experience, our company has the core technology of electrostatic precipitators, mastered the wide-spacing horizontal electrostatic precipitator technology, and sorted out the new RS corona wire technology. Technologies such as the free suspension of yin and yang poles have advanced research and development ideas.

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