P84 Filter Bags
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P84 Filter Bags

The Botou Xintian SRD P84 Filter Bags, meticulously manufactured in China by our esteemed company, exemplify our commitment to providing high-quality filtration solutions at competitive prices, ensuring superior performance and durability for our valued customers.

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P84 Filter Bags
The Botou Xintian SRD P84 Filter Bags are meticulously manufactured in China by our esteemed company, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. As a trusted manufacturer and supplier, we offer competitive pricing while maintaining stringent quality standards, ensuring our customers receive exceptional value and performance from our products.
P84 filter bag is a flame retardant, temperature stable fiber filter material, at 240℃ temperature conditions, the mechanical P84 polyimide fiber filter material will not change, high temperature up to 260℃. P84 fiber filter material has no melting point temperature and is a natural golden color. P84 polyimide fiber filter is not hygroscopic fiber filter (at 65 percent relative humidity conditions, about 3 percent water absorption).
Botou Xintian SRD cement plant dust collector is a high-efficiency dust removal equipment for cement plants developed by our company. It uses proprietary technology to collect dust generated by cement plant production. Our company has become the designated supplier of dust removal equipment for many major cement plants and is one of the most trusted manufacturers of cement dust collector equipment in China by customers.
In addition, because the P84 fiber is a special-shaped (leaf) cross section structure, with a large filtration surface area, and excellent filtration performance, the P84 fiber is often implanted in the surface of the filter material (dust surface side to improve the filtration performance of the filter material). Good chemical resistance in the past ten years of waste incineration operations have proven the value of P84 dust bags for acid exhaust gas and alkaline dust filtration. The characteristics of P84 with low backwash pressure and high elastic desilting cake efficiency are significant due to the fineness of the fiber itself. Moreover, irregular fiber cross section increases the surface area of the fiber to a large size and provides many tiny pores so that the surface filtration effect is better than that of deep filtration. Dust only stays on the surface of the needle filter felt and fails to penetrate into the filter felt.

Therefore, the backwash pressure is small, the cake bounce efficiency can be significantly changed, and the fine powder collection efficiency is good and the operating pressure difference is small.

P84 is mainly used in the flue gas purification of asphalt mixing, cement kiln, drying, burning, smelting, various industrial kilns, coal-fired boilers and waste incineration, and is widely used in the process with higher emission concentration requirements.

As a supplier in China, our company is a factory integrating industry and trade. Right-angle pulse solenoid valve products have low prices, high quality and obvious advantages, and customers around the world have purchased them for several years.

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