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Right Angle Electromagnetic Pulse Valve
  • Right Angle Electromagnetic Pulse ValveRight Angle Electromagnetic Pulse Valve

Right Angle Electromagnetic Pulse Valve

The Botou Xintian SRD Right Angle Electromagnetic Pulse Valve, meticulously manufactured in China by our esteemed company, offers superior quality and reliability at competitive prices, ensuring efficient dust filtration and optimal performance for various industrial applications.

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Right Angle Electromagnetic Pulse Valve
The Botou Xintian SRD Right Angle Electromagnetic Pulse Valve, meticulously crafted in China by our esteemed manufacturer, exemplifies our dedication to superior quality and innovation in dust filtration technology. As a leading supplier, we offer competitive pricing without compromising on the exceptional quality and performance of our products, ensuring reliable and efficient dust filtration solutions for industrial applications of all scales.
The working principle of right-angle electromagnetic pulse valve mainly involves the interaction of electromagnetic pilot head, diaphragm and valve body. To be specific:
Electromagnetic pilot head: When the electronic control instrument inputs an electrical signal, the coil in the electromagnetic pilot head produces a working magnetic flux, which makes the moving column pull and open the unloading hole.

Diaphragm: The area of the rear cavity of the diaphragm is larger than that of the front cavity, so the pressure force is larger, so that the diaphragm is in the closed position. When the moving column is drawn, the pressure gas in the back chamber of the diaphragm is quickly discharged, and the pressure gas in the front chamber pushes the diaphragm up, opens the channel, and the pulse valve is sprayed.

Valve body: After the electrical pulse signal disappears, the spring of the electromagnetic pilot head resets the moving column and closes the unloading hole. At this time, the gas pressure and spring force in the rear cavity of the diaphragm make the diaphragm close the channel, and the electromagnetic pulse valve stops blowing.
Botou Xintian SRD cement plant dust collector is a high-efficiency dust removal equipment for cement plants developed by our company. It uses proprietary technology to collect dust generated by cement plant production. Our company has become the designated supplier of dust removal equipment for many major cement plants and is one of the most trusted manufacturers of cement dust collector equipment in China by customers.
Damping hole: The damping hole on the diaphragm damps the air flow when the moving column is lifted, and when the unloading hole is closed, the pressure gas quickly fills the rear cavity, helping the diaphragm to close the channel and stop the injection.

To sum up, the working principle of the right-angle electromagnetic pulse valve is to control the electromagnetic pilot head through the electrical signal, and then control the switching action of the diaphragm to achieve the pulse injection of gas. This working principle converts electrical pulses into mechanical pulsations, resulting in a powerful impulse.
As a supplier in China, our company is a factory integrating industry and trade. Right-angle pulse solenoid valve products have low prices, high quality and obvious advantages, and customers around the world have purchased them for several years.

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